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Especially if you give it a fresh spin.

Today’s companies have come to depend more and more on email marketing, at the
same time as ROI for this saturated channel has drastically diminished. Most have all
but abandoned direct mail campaigns for budgetary reasons. But how much do you
save money with an email campaign, if it produces few-to-no leads?

With 3D direct mail, or ‘lumpy mail,’ you can turn today’s diminished volume of direct
mail into your opportunity—and deliver messages that produce action. Here’s what
well executed 3D direct mail can do for your messaging:

  • Cuts through the clutter. The average individual sees over 3100 marketing
    messages each day. 3D mail makes yours stand out.
  • Entertains. Clever creativity makes an impression that sticks. 
  • Makes it ‘sticky. Potential customers interact with your 3D package—
    the extra dimension gets them extra-involved.
  • Provides perceived value. 3D mail is a gift. Gifts inspire gratitude, and this
    gratitude makes prospects more inclined to act.   
  • Makes it personal. No one wants to feel part of the masses. 3D mail singles
    out your prospective customer and makes them feel special.
  • Promotes pass-along. Three or four is much better than one—and that’s the
    average number of prospective clients that will see each of your 3D packages.
  • Rises to the top. ‘Lumpy’ mail can’t be part of a stack. Unless it’s on top!
  • Creates curiosity. What is this great-looking package? Let me open it and
    find out! 

However, as with any marketing campaign, successful results depend on doing 3D
direct mail right. Here’s a checklist of key benefits your 3D direct mail marketing
partner should provide:

  • A creative connection. Fresh design, creative packaging, and memorable
    messaging are key. These get creative opened, noticed, and read.    
  • Full integration with your Inbound (SEO, PPC, Social Networking, Forms)
    and Outbound (E-Mail and Telemarketing) Marketing plan.
  • Highly targeted, smaller lists. Well-researched lists ensure your mail gets
    exactly where it needs to go.
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Does your provider have a proprietary
    fulfillment house? This provides speed and savings they can pass on to you.
  • Personal service. Whether you have a large campaign or a small targeted
    initiative, your provider should tailor services to fit within your goals and
  • Measurable results. Check the track record and ask for references. A great
    sales pitch may sound intriguing, but you want real results that impact your
    bottom line.

To learn more about how 3D direct mail
can make your messaging pop,

or contact Eric Rabinowitz at: 732-636-1001, ex. 27

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