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How Lead Scoring Boosts Marketing and Drives Sales

When salespeople and sales departments can quickly differentiate between a ‘hot’ lead and a tire-kicker, the game can change dramatically. Follow-up strategies become clearer, and departments can more easily and accurately forecast closing rates and revenue. For many marketers, however, the expanding mix of online and traditional strategies for mining and identifying qualified sales leads can seem confusing and daunting. Luckily, lead scoring cuts through the clutter. This behind-the-scenes and automated marketing tool significantly streamlines and enhances the lead qualifying process, ranking a potential lead’s specific interests and buying patterns to create an interest ‘score.’ Once scored, marketers can pass these ‘sales-ready’ leads on for follow-up and focus on lead nurturing programs to continually generate that stream of qualified leads.

Lead scoring: What is it?
Lead scoring interprets and tracks a prospect’s ‘digital body language’ to determine their position in the buying cycle. The process collates demographics (the prospect’s role, company, industry, etc.) and behavior (page views, visits, stickiness, responses to offers via email or form submissions) to clinically assess a lead’s level of interest. For example, the more often a prospect returns to the site, the longer they stay, the shorter the lapse between returns, the more the prospect shares and requests information and the closer that prospect matches your ideal customer profile, the higher that prospect will score. Prospects with a high enough score are automatically ‘qualified’ and sent to the sales team for follow-up.

Effective automated lead scoring depends on alignment of marketing and sales to define a ‘qualified prospect.’ Once the two departments reach a consensus (we know, easier said than done), qualification levels can be set to quickly and seamlessly reveal which prospects signify the largest and best revenue potential.

Reevaluate your leads
As with most marketing programs, once in place, lead scoring can benefit from occasional adjustments to ensure criteria line up with any changing objectives or prospect behaviors. Ask these questions periodically to safeguard correct scoring and optimization of your marketing database:

  • Have your criteria for a qualified lead changed?
  • Is your scoring too loose, allowing too many leads, or too tight, allowing too few leads to qualify as hot prospects?
  • Can you factor any feedback from sales pinpointing how accurate the scoring has been in relation to their follow-up?
  • Are there campaigns or sources that should also be included (or deleted from) the lead scoring process?
  • Does your lead scoring reflect your current sales strategy?

Additionally, since every online action helps determines a lead’s score, looking for patterns and indicators in the data collected will help you prioritize your leads.

Lead scoring with guidance
Are you looking at ways you to more efficiently and effectively qualify leads? Through our close partnership with Leadformix and extensive understanding of behavioral marketing, Nurture Marketing develops inbound and outbound marketing campaigns that deliver actionable customized reports and alerts: when a prospect crosses a given threshold of interest, our clients receive automated intelligence to score, qualify, and prioritize accordingly—leading to shorter sales cycles and higher close rates. For more information contact Eric Rabinowitz at

To learn more about driving sales and effectively evaluating prospects through lead scoring, contact Eric Rabinowitz at
or 732-636-1001, x. 27.

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