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B2B companies often experience a decline in sales during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean marketing efforts should dwindle. In fact, it’s a great time to make a splash! Staying on your customers’ radar and generating new leads, even though sales may be limited, will pay off as business amps up in the fall.

So, how do you make the most of the seasonal slow-down? Keeping your momentum, while leisure and vacations are top of mind, may require a shift in focus. Try these tips for summer marketing success:

1) Strengthen your social strategy.
Slower periods present an opportunity to devote more time to social media. An article posted on reports that recent research attributes more than 80% of B2B social media leads and conversions to LinkedIn. Joining groups and sharing thought leadership on this powerful social network can lead to big results.

2) Speak to current interests.
Themed marketing copy that’s infused with a little summer fun is a good way to capture attention. Short and sweet messaging is also key! If the information can be consumed quickly, there’s a better chance that readers will engage.

3) Show and tell.
Video continues to deliver impressive results for marketers, which is not surprising considering the 22 million B2B customers who are watching YouTube videos every month ( Since shorter attention spans are expected during summer, it’s a perfect time to try this more visual approach to storytelling.

4) Host an event.
Everyone loves to play outside in the summer. Invite your clients to a BBQ or other casual get-together where they can network and mingle. This will help you get important face time with your clients and foster relationships, while having a good time.

5) Talk to the boss.
Summer offers a unique opportunity to communicate with the decision makers themselves. When the gatekeepers are on vacation, it’s easier to go straight to the top.

6) Get organized.
Now is the ideal time to clean up your email lists and follow up with outstanding leads so you can start fresh in the fall.

Nurture Marketing is armed with the expertise to create and execute an effective summer strategy for your business, including video, lead organization and strategizing, updating your newsletter and integrating your sales-based CRM with marketing automation. For more information, please contact Eric Rabinowitz at or 732-636-1001.

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